After getting married, the honeymoon and subsequent new job left me stressed out and gaining weight. I joined a gym and that was when I met my trainer, Andrea. Not only did she have a positive attitude and supported me in my needs, but she had a great personality that really complimented the way I thought. It’s been like working out with a friend rather than a stranger and it has made all of the difference in my desire to come to the gym and work out — you have to love what you do, and that includes going to the gym!

Having worked out in the past with a personal trainer, I was worried I would be bored or not challenged enough — that wasn’t the case. Andrea kept me engaged the entire time and always came up with new and interesting routines. She pushed me when she knew I could handle it and let me take things easier when I needed that too. She’s patient when I need more instruction and keep an ever-watchful eye on my posture to make sure I’m getting the most out of every workout I do.

I am not one who easily loses weight. My weight has always been an issue with me and losing weight is an uphill battle. Andrea has been there fighting alongside me since day one. She offered advice and support and didn’t judge me when I took a wrong turn, but rather provided me positive motivation to get back on track. On days when I felt particularly discouraged, she would be there to keep me going. I never felt as if she were leaving me behind.

Since working out with Andrea, I’ve gotten a lot stronger, I’ve lost weight, and I’ve lost inches. The results are palpable and manageable and everyone around me has noticed and commented. It feels great to be able to fit into my old clothes post-honeymoon again and my confidence levels have soared. Without Andrea, I may have attended the gym, but I wouldn’t have gotten the results I got in a few short months as I did with her.
I am extremely pleased in my decision to have a personal trainer. It has set me on a great path that I know will just continue to improve from here on out.

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