I am an active person and consider myself fit. I enjoy a challenging workout and I like to sweat! Although I exercise regularly. I have had about 15-20lbs to lose ever since I can remember. I would lose some of it and then gain it back. Then I had my two daughters, in 2005 and 2009. Needless to say, I gained more weight.

I have plenty of experience with working out on my own: participating in group exercise classes, kickboxing classes, and even Weight Watchers. I needed a new challenge because what I was used to wasn’t working for me. I needed to try something new.

Last January, when my youngest was 5 months, I decided to hire a personal trainer. I wanted to lose weight and lower my body fat percentage. I wanted to feel fit and firm! I needed to push my limit! Andrea is what I was looking for! She is always ready with a tough workout and makes sure I walk out of the gym feeling triumphant! She is good at making me do those extra few reps! I love it when she demonstrates an exercise that looks impossible for me to do and then being able to do it! No matter what exercise Andrea has in store for me, I am game to give it a try (even if I feel silly!). She would vary my workouts every few weeks and made sure my muscles were constantly challenged.

For me, the advantage to having a personal trainer is having that appointment at the gym that I can’t miss and having a workout planned ahead for me. Having someone push my limits, make me do those extra reps or that silly exercise that works wonders (burpees, mountain climbers, I still hate them!!). I learned to make the most of my workout in under an hour and to design my own workouts regularly to keep my body guessing. I am now ready for the challenge of working out on my own and getting the same results I had with Andrea.

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